Trya - 021/2024



The Trya chair was crafted from Witness Wood of Black Cinnamon, rescued in the municipality of São Miguel do Oeste-SC. A large tree, it naturally fell during a storm that hit the region in 2012. Since then, it had been abandoned on the rural property until its rescue in 2021, thus gaining new forms in our artisanal carpentry. It is a work whose wood witnessed the past and will continue to witness the future, through a timeless piece, giving rise to the concept of Witness Wood.

Dimensions: 84cm X 49cm X 62cm

Composition: Witness wood of black cinnamon (Ocotea catharinensis)


Numbered and signed works, with an 18K Gold seal, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity
Item delivered assembled

Availability: this item is currently being exhibited at Coccoloba, the Brazilian exhibition at Fuorisalone '24 in Milan. It will be available for shipping on the 29th of April.