Anima Studio Design

SQS 308 armchair



Three legs support the SQS 308 armchair, just as pillars uphold and elevate the roof of the Nossa Senhora de Fátima Church, the first built in the federal capital Brasilia. Made of wood, it revisits the shape of the nun's hat designed by Niemeyer, combining comfort and art in an iconic piece of furniture. The church was constructed in one hundred days to fulfill a promise made by First Lady Sarah Kubitschek for her daughter's recovery. The chapel was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, and its architecture references a nun's hat.

Oscar Niemeyer used the concept of architecture as sculpture, which can be observed in other parts of Brasília, standing out for its sinuous curves, unique style, and the exploration of the numerous possibilities of materials. The SQS 308 armchair is a symbol of the resilience of the modernist movement that occurred during Niemeyer's era.

Dimensions: 130 x 100 x 70 cm

Composition: Available in:

Tauari or Walnut, various fabrics according to request.

Time of production: 60 days

Note: numbered pieces