Patrick Afornali


Wooden bench


The Sertão Bench was designed to heat the spaces and create a place to rest. With different textures, analogous colors and a clean design, the bench is a standout piece of furniture. The union between two manual techniques such as carpentry and tapestry complement each other. The Bench is made of Araucaria wood, a Brazilian conifer. It has 6 lathed wooden feet and horizontal crosspieces in carbon steel and wood. The metal is electrostatically painted and all the wood is matte varnished. In its seat, it receives a tapestry made of wool.

The Sertão Bench is inspired by the Caatinga, the most arid region in Brazil. Its lighter colors are reminiscent of the pallor of the stems and vegetation present in that region. The bench has an upper tapestry in wool, made manually by the brazilian artist Yala Fezer, inspired by the cracked soil during long periods of drought. The lower metal and wood crosspieces blend and provide lightness and strength to the piece’s structure. 

Dimensions: 150cm W x 50cm D x 44cm H.

Colors: natural

Composition: The wood used to build the bench comes from trees that have fallen down naturally or trees that were legally taken down due to the high risk of falling on houses and public roads

Note: Product 100% handcrafted. Small variations in the depth of the bench may occur during manufacturing (±1cm).
*Due to being a product made of natural wood, there will be different shades and colors of wood in each unit manufactured.

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