Gabriel Freitas




The Seringal Lamp draws inspiration from the industrial processes for natural rubber developed in the 19th century, a period marked by drastic increases in demand. From the 1870s to 1910, the Amazon region experienced a strong cycle of colonization known as the Belle Époque of the Amazon.

While the major cities of the Amazon region thrived with electricity, trams, and new buildings, indigenous peoples suffered a true genocide as rubber extraction encroached on their territories. Workers were often kept in conditions akin to slavery.

When British companies realized they could cultivate rubber trees in other colonies, the cycle came to an end. The supply increased, international latex prices plummeted, and the economy in the Amazon region stagnated.

The form and structure of the Seringal Lamp represent the latex extraction process: diagonal cuts are made in the tree's bark, the latex flows and is collected in buckets hanging from the trunk. The golden brass element evokes the economic boom, inviting users to reflect on this contrast.

Illuminate your space with the Seringal Lamp, a piece that combines historical reflection with modern design.

Dimensions: 27 x 15 x 156 cm


Structure made from carbon steel with epoxy paint
Golden brass detailing
T5 tubular lamp, 120mm, Bivolt 18W, 3000K (warm white)

Production time: 45 days