Center piece


Part of the MONOMORPH collection, the Mono Centerpiece is composed of glass crystals sourced from factory waste in Minas Gerais. These residues contribute to the creation of unique and colorful patterns for each piece produced.

The materiality of Assimply's designs is evident in the use of traditional Terrazzo techniques combined with an innovative vision that incorporates non-traditional elements into its composition.

MONOMORPH refers to what exists in only one singular and crystalline form. We believe this meaning is present in our newest collection from the initial production phase to the final object, as the technique, design, and processing of materials do not allow identical pieces.

The design of the items in this collection draws clear inspiration from architecture, the curved lines of Rio de Janeiro's modernism by Oscar Niemeyer, and the paintings and gardens of Burle Marx.

Dimensions: 30 x 30 x h 9 cm

Color: colored

Composition: Terrazzo technique combined with glass crystal waste originating from industrial production in the state of Minas Gerais.

Note: Product 100% handcrafted in Rio de Janeiro. Variations in color and shape may occur.

Ships in: 4 weeks

Care Instructions:

1. Despite granilite being a material with a rigid appearance, it is sensitive to impact and friction.
2. Failure to follow the care guide provided with your piece may lead to its deterioration.
3. This is a food-safe products in accordance with the "food contact materials - regulation (ec) no1935/2004". However, the use of liquid, grease, or highly colored foods (whether natural or chemical) can cause undesirable staining on the surface of Assimply pieces after prolonged exposure.