Anima Studio Design

Mangue bench



Inspired by the mangroves common to various regions of Brazil, the Mangue bench provides support for periods of rest or waiting, bringing the references of the mangrove into a variety of environments.

Its carbon steel legs mimic the shapes of dark roots, offering stability to the tauari seat. In a copper tone, they draw attention to the characteristic forms of this coastal ecosystem which, like others, is a source of income and sustenance for Brazilian families and is at risk due to pollution and environmental neglect.

In Brazil, there are about 25,000 square kilometers of mangrove forests where fish, mollusks, and crustaceans find ideal conditions for reproduction, growth, and shelter, shared with other species of aquatic and terrestrial fauna.

Mangroves produce more than 96% of the food that humans capture from the sea, and undoubtedly, these same foods will at some point pass through the careful hands of resilient communities.

The Mangue bench is a manifesto of Brazilian design, exalting an ecosystem that is at risk due to pollution and climatic effects.

Dimensions: 170 x 53 x 50 cm

Composition: Carbon steel and Tauari wood

Time of production: 60 days

Note: numbered pieces