The wishbone, also known as the 'furcula', is a bifurcated bone found in birds and some dinosaurs, formed by the fusion of the two clavicles. This curious bone's shape inspired Tiago Curioni's new chair design for ZEEA. According to legend, when the bone is broken, whoever keeps the larger part will have a wish fulfilled. The product, which marks the beginning of the partnership between the two brands, was exhibited in Milan during Design Week 2024 at Salone del Mobile. It incorporates advanced technology to produce the curves and twists seen in the piece.

Made entirely of wood or with an upholstered seat, the chair allows for stacking and maximizes the use of the raw material, wood. Available in different shades, the Fúrcula chair is a tactile experience, inviting users to explore its every centimeter. Fúrcula is exclusive designed to ZEEA and showcases the potential of excellent design combined with cutting-edge Brazilian industry.

Dimensions: 66.4 x 68.4 x 84.4 cm

Composition: Jequitibá wood 

Ships in: 60 days

Design by: Tiago Curioni for ZEEA