Breve Ceramica

Fingers crossed



In Brazil it represents a popular amulet known for warding off the evil eye and attracting luck. Now, in addition to providing protection, it also decorates your home. Handcrafted, it can be used as an incense holder or to hold a plant or flower, ensuring that luck is always by your side!


Reproduction using liquid slip in a plaster mold, based on a sculpture modeled by hand.

Dimensions: 9 x 5,5 x 21 cm

Color: Terracota

Composition: High-temperature terracotta ceramic with colored glazed details.


All products are handmade, so variations in color, shape, and texture are normal. This is part of the process and makes each piece unique.

Please read the details of each product carefully, including dimensions, finishes, and materials.

The photos are of real products, but they are not the exact items that will be shipped.

Production time: 4 weeks