Gabriel Freitas




The Euforia Chair draws its inspiration from the widespread feeling of euphoria with the post-pandemic reopening: the optimism surrounding the idea of moving towards a new world that is more egalitarian, technological, and sustainable. Its visual language incorporates Art Deco references, drawing a parallel between the current era and that period, which was also marked by great enthusiasm for social, cultural, and technological changes at the beginning of the 20th century.

In response to the need to rethink materials and propose sustainable solutions, the backrest of the Euforia Chair features a material produced from recycled PP (polypropylene) using an open-source process called "Precious Plastic."

The "Precious Plastic" process was developed in the Netherlands and is now applied worldwide by various initiatives. It fosters a circular and sustainable chain that begins with the work of collectors and goes through shredding, heating, and pressing. Each piece is unique, as the texture of the panels varies. At the same time, the optimized manufacturing and steel structure are designed to ensure durability and allow for stacking, providing versatility and functionality.

Experience the blend of historical elegance and modern sustainability with the Euforia Chair.

Key Features

Inspired by the post-pandemic sense of euphoria and optimism for a better world
Visual references to Art Deco, celebrating historical and contemporary social changes
Backrest made from recycled PP using the "Precious Plastic" process
Unique textures due to the varied recycled material
Durable steel structure designed for stacking
Sustainable and environmentally friendly design

Dimensions: 64 x 58 x 90 cm

Composition: Precious Plastic, made from recycled PP (polypropylene)

Production time: 45 days