Am.o Atelier

Árvore armchair



The Árvore armchair arose from the desire to use woods from trees that naturally fell due to weather and/or climate. Its design is intentionally conceived to reveal the natural origin of the materials used in its construction. The small feet play the role of roots, and the wood knots are evident in the seat, giving uniqueness to each piece. Despite the linear and contemporary design, I maintained respect for the organic nature of the wood, which, in its raw form, does not always reveal itself as proportional or symmetrical. The Árvore armchair stands out for its exquisite comfort and is handcrafted with Araucaria and Pine woods, featuring a backrest in natural Indian wicker.

Dimensions: 60 cm x 55 cm x 85 cm

Composition: Araucaria, pine, and natural Indian wicker.

Production time: 45 days

Design by: Amilcar Oliveira