Supapo Criativo

Aluá pendant



The Aluá Pendant Lamp features a sleek aluminum structure combined with natural Taboca bamboo fiber, creating a perfect blend of modern design and organic materials.

Taboca is a type of bamboo native to South America, particularly found in Brazil. Known for its long, thin, and sturdy stalks, Taboca bamboo is used in various applications, from construction to handcrafts. Its natural fibers add a touch of authenticity and warmth to the Aloa Pendant Lamp, making it a unique and eco-friendly lighting solution.

This pendant lamp not only illuminates your space but also brings a piece of nature indoors, adding a distinctive character to any contemporary setting.

Dimensions: 40,5 x 40,5 x 26 cm

Colors: natural

Composition: Taboca natural fiber with aluminum structure

Production time: 45 days