Francis Petrucci

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Francis Petrucci

At the heart of Francis Petrucci’s work lies a profound appreciation for the uniqueness and beauty inherent to handcrafted ceramics. Petrucci's latest collection, “Pre-Columbian Inspiration,” showcases her exploration into the poetics of transformation and transfiguration that underpin the shaping of raw clay into vases, ewers, and sculptural pieces.

Her worldly and sophisticated artistic sensibility drives her to continually seek out and explore new horizons, cultures, and materials. Describing her creative process, Petrucci reflects, “Translating my knowledge to ceramics was a challenge; yet it felt natural. The power of womanhood, the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, and Brazilian culture are ever-present sources of inspiration in my work.”

An established artist in Brazil, Petrucci’s work has been featured in prominent art shows and fairs, such as the 11th edition of MADE (Mercado Arte Design), held in 2023. Her work has graced the pages of several issues of Vogue Brasil magazine. Now expanding to the international stage, Petrucci continues to captivate audiences with her unique vision and artistry.

Clay, a core element in her creative process, is intrinsically imbued with ethnic, baroque, and feminine qualities which Petrucci masterfully brings out to create pieces that feel fresh and original. Her work preserves and highlights the marks and textures left by the artist’s hands during the act of creation, offering a tangible connection to her creative journey.