Anima Studio Design


Coffee table


The Anita table utilizes organic lines and a blend of materials to create a sculptural piece that combines functionality and art. The innovation lies in the tabletop, which features not one, but nine bases arranged at different heights and sizes, allowing users to play with object composition, creating a kind of artistic installation within the home.

Hand-carved solid wood forms the structure of the coffee table. The tabletops are upholstered with tufting, a manual upholstery technique that adds texture and warmth to the pieces, typically with a cooler touch.

The textile art is authored by the Curitiba-based artist Yala Fezer and can have its colors and shapes customized according to each project. Since they are removable, the tufted tabletops also make the user a kind of co-author of the Anita table. This is because, by playing with their arrangement on the table, keeping some of the tops covered and others uncovered, for example, they can imprint their personality and aesthetic sense onto it. 

Dimensions: 54 x 100 x 96 cm